What is The Standardized Security System In A Casino

Standardized security systems
Although the gaming business has experienced increasing globalization in recent years, many casinos have not yet introduced uniform security protocols in every property. This made it possible to determine the efficiency of the individual security measures and to create the need to develop a standardized security approach.
Wynn Casino had to learn this lesson last year when a pleasure trip organized in China was robbed. The robbers ran away at $ 258 million, which forced Wynn to learn a few lessons:
A high security standard must be ensured in every property.
Adaptation to country-specific challenges such as weak-intervention police organs is essential.
As a result of this robbery, the casinos have learned that they should use their own security strategies across the entire range of services and should not excessively rely on the advice of local gambling regulators.
In the 1990s, some casinos installed very sophisticated surveillance systems. However, after some well-known raids, the owners quickly learned that they had to keep up with the times. For example, a Treasure Island employee stole $ 10,000 from a vault in 1991, which prompted the casino to install high-performance cameras with this area and other preferred access points in focus.
The first cameras used analog signals, but about ten years ago casinos began to replace them with digital cameras. The original advantages of digital cameras were the higher resolution and the largest data storage capacity. However, digital surveillance systems are also suitable for using more intelligent software, which makes casinos safer than ever.
Warning systems in casinos. Modern security systems are equipped with software for facial recognition and license plate recognition, which allows them to control suspicious returning visitors. The images are compared to a database that stores suspects and anyone who has ever tried to defraud the casino.
However, these systems are not 100% fool proof. Ted Whiting, who is responsible for monitoring at Aria Resort and Casino, has confirmed that the state of the art in facial recognition is not efficient enough because most people move too quickly and the software cannot scan their faces properly. The technology could play a bigger role in the future, but nowadays casinos mostly have to use traditional surveillance techniques.
Jeff Jonas, founder and senior scientist at Systems Research & Development, also claims that the security system bottlenecks at the casinos are not due to technology limitations, but to the casinos’ thirst for profits.
“You spend as little money as possible on security and surveillance. They’d rather buy three more slot machines to make money. They only concern you when you are really cheating. ”
According to Jonas’ estimates, a casino like Bellagio should have around 2,000 cameras connected to 50 screens. However, the live broadcast is followed by only a few employees. Surveillance systems are installed to detect suspicious acts, but of course they are not the casino’s only line of defence against security threats.

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